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(Nov 15, 2010)
anyways, acc locked for investigation, since friday
(Nov 15, 2010)
ye got one, even had it but found it annoying :P
(Nov 15, 2010)
Bah, sorry to hear that mate. Got one of the authenticators after i got hacked last time, well worth it.. unless i manage to misplace it.
(Nov 12, 2010)
i iz hacked :< first time in 5 years QQ.. maybe the donkeyporn wasn't such a good idea afterall
(Nov 11, 2010)
Puss sötnos :D
(Nov 07, 2010)
guess whos back, back again !!!!!
(Nov 02, 2010)
Someone made a funny!
(Nov 01, 2010)
(Nov 01, 2010)
I hate all of you. And since I'm guessing this is the work of Adnan. I hate you the most. Äckliga fanskap
(Oct 27, 2010)
drugs again BRAIN!?
(Oct 23, 2010)
Elkahlen, you truly are the happy wanderer!
(Oct 14, 2010)
im still unclear as to whats going to happen dawn
(Oct 13, 2010)
So anyone has info on guild in Cata? How will it raid and so on?
(Oct 02, 2010)
He would'nt ever get close to taking that award from you ios!
(Oct 01, 2010)
Ioos! Norge suger!
(Sep 27, 2010)
W00t? Is that a Norway diss? Or just the usual Shaou babble? :D And Mak.. are you trying to win the the whine award this year? :P
(Sep 23, 2010)
Jävla Noreg
(Sep 23, 2010)
Fuck you elkahlen. I hope you run out of gametime again!
(Sep 15, 2010)
I always manage to run out of playtime the day before i get paid...
(Sep 02, 2010)
Me? Bitch? Nevah! Actually, this time around I think Bigjons took the bitching cake.. but don't worry, I'll always be able to whip out a can of bitchin' whine just for you Maklesh :D